~UB Peregrines at MacKay Tower~

A pair of Pergrine Falcons were seen daily on UB's MacKay Tower from June until late autumn.  The female was a sub-adult banded in Detroit and named BB for Barbara Baldinger who had rescued her after a premature fledge.  The adult male was unbanded and called Smoky.

This is BB the day of her rescue from a premature fledge taken by Barb Baldinger in Detroit

The nestbox at UB's MacKay Tower was installed in February 2009 by UB and the DEC.   The pair returned and  took immediate ownership of the new box and produced five healthy fledges.  Attempts at providing a cam by Buffalo Audubon Society were unsuccessful.

2009 UB Bands

  • Athos - male - green
  • Kevin -- male -- blue
  • Zephyr - male -- white
  • Tory -- Female -- Red
They were a couple known fights at the nestbox and Yankee,  male banded at the Niagara Gorge, displaced Smoky and became BB's new mate.

In 2010, UB installed a high-def  cam and successfully provided a website to carry the streaming video.With Yankee as her mate, BB layed 3 eggs at which point an intruding male entered the nest and fought with but was beaten off  by Yankee.  BB flew in and tried to protect the eggs but one was broken in half.  Later that day BB layed another egg. 

Three eggs hatched and the Peregrines successfully fledged.  UB held a naming contest and the three were named Harry (Potter), Hagrid and Ron.

Harry got stuck and had to be rescued

Mom, BB, flying anxiously overhead til Ken returned the rescued Harry to the roof

 2010 UB Peregrines Bands
  • Bands 5/25 - 3 males banded - Male, 2206-75217, (right leg) 1 over 4, black over green, (left leg) "Ron" /// Male, 2206-75218 (right leg) 1 over 5, black over green (left leg) "Harry" /// Male 2206-75219 (right leg) 1 over 6, black over green (left leg) "Hagrid"
  • Hatches - All 3 eggs hatched 5/4/2010
  • Eggs #4 3/31; 1 3/31 egg lost in fight at box; #3 3/29; #2 3/26 ; #1 3/24
UB provides a second cam mounted at the rear of nestbox looking out.  There was no way to mount a cam outside the box to show the whole ledge where the kids spend much of their time before fledging, but we appreciate this cam!