Central Terminal

In 2009 a pair of bonded Peregrines stayed at Central Terminal, kind of "playing house."  She was a sub-adult, like BB @ UB the year before, but they were seen doing aerial dances and engaging in courtship rituals.  Because the Terminal is in an old Polish neighborhood, the birds were named Stash and Stella.

The DEC was notified of the pair.  Connie Adams and Central Terminal successfully worked to get a nestbox in place before the next nesting season. 

Stash and Stella produced a healthy brood of five in their first nesting season! 

At the banding, Connie teaches young observers about baby Peregrines
One of the eyasses getting measured 

Stash and Stella anxiously waiting for their kids to come back from their banding party!

~Central Terminal Bands 2010~

1. Female, "Polonia", Black/Green 66/AW, red tape R-leg 2. Male, "Stash Jr.", Black/Green 14/AW, blue tape R-leg 3. Male, "Dyngus", Black/Green 21/AW, green tape R-leg 4. Female, "Frightful", Black/Green 78/U, white tape R-leg 5. Female, "Sage", Black/Green 79/U, yellow tape R-leg