Sunday, June 3, 2012

~Peregrine Falcon Athena at UB getting a transmitter~

The largest female in the University at Buffalo Peregrine Falcon nest box is fitted with a solar-powered transmitter. The DEC will be able to able to track yet another generation in this line and learn more about Peregrine lives. Athena's mama is BB, so named for Peregrine volunteer Barbara Baldinger, who rescued her from a pre-mature fledge attempt in Detroit, Michigan. BB's mama, Miriam, was also fitted with a transmitter. Anthena's dad is a Niagara Gorge hatch, named Yankee.
Jacquie Walter, DEC tech, getting Athena after she was lowered down the tower

Jacquie Walter, DEC tech, bringing Athena up the steps from beneath MacKay Tower.

Athena in litter jug

Athena showing her bands as she objects to having her head covered

Mike Allen from Rochester, and Connie Adams, DEC Wildlife Biologist, with Athena

Mike Koch, DEC tech, who climbed the tower with Ken Nusstein, and brought Athena down, capturing the event. They also returned her to the nest box.

Connie and Mike A inspecting the harness for the transmitter

Ken Nusstein, UB MacKay Plant Engineer, invaluable friend of the Peregrines and a huge help in all the related endeavors, taking a break with Maxi, Mike Allen's companion!

Athena, raring to go!

BB feeding Athena after her ordeal! A very welcome sight!  As seen on the UB Falconcam!

And right now on the cam!  Athena is losing most of her white fluffy feathers and looking bigger than mom, BB. Athena to far left.

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  1. Wow...Athena really is a big girl! And who can blame her for being miffed...a ride in a litter jug, and a sock over her head! Best wishes to her and I hope the transmitter provides lots of data.

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