Sunday, March 25, 2012

~BB in nestbox~

UB Pergrines, BB in box, egg maybe? (can't find out til Monday) and Yankee on corner of ledge on the right, midway up tower.


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Saturday, March 24, 2012

~Wallenda vs. Peregrine Falcons in Niagara Gorge~

Problem in the making. As many are be now aware, Nik Wallenda is scheduling his high-wire walk across the Niagara Gorge for sometime this summer, June, July or August, from Terrapin Point to the Canadian side. Bryant Gumbel interviewed him on his sports show this week.

 Now Nik looks like a very nice young man with a wife and two kids. The unbanded tiercel in the gorge who I call "Gorge's George", also has a mate, "Diamond" and they raised two baby pefas there last year. Diamond is a bit nutsy and Gorge's George really had his hands full trying to teach her how to be a pefa mommy after he lost his previous mate. 2011 was Diamond's first breeding year and she didn't want to be tied down, preferring to go flying around the casino.

 What Nik doesn't know, is that if he schedules his performance during Peregrine nesting or fledging time, he stands a very high chance of being hit by a Peregrine going alot faster than he can go. A Peregrine not used to seeing people in that space. I hope he schedules that event for September, not earlier.

 Recent pix I've taken:  I grabbed these off FBPP and I edited them on the ipad so they are not on this laptop.  They are not posting well.  I'll replace them as soon as possible.

And pix (not mine) showing the proposed high-wire walk
We are watching the nestbox when possible but if anyone else can help, please do! There is no cam. Post your sightings here or on Facebook Peregrine Place, whichever is easier for you.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Falcon and the Murmuration

 Today we bring you a similarly beautiful film, but with an added element of drama. In a scene from the BBC series “Earthflight,” narrated by David Tennant, one of nature’s most fearsome aerial predators, the peregrine falcon, swoops down into a dense cloud of birds for what promises to be an all-you-can-eat starling buffet.