Saturday, December 11, 2010

~featuring: Central Terminal!

As you can see, the Peregrines were all over CT today!

Roger and I first stopped at UB but the birds weren't home. Then on to CT, downtown and the cement elevators, but no luck there either. Back at CT and both pefas were there! I texted friends from Rochester who were also here looking for the Peregrines. Joyce, Carol, MAK, KathyO and Dana were at UB watching BB but hurried right over to CT. The tiercel was really showing off for Stella, flying circles around the tower and sometimes flying together. We don't know where Stash is this winter but he's in for a surprise when he returns. We're all wondering what Stella's reaction will be.

News from Canada: Frightful, banded at CT this year, who was rescued with wing injuries will be released next spring, according to the Owl Foundation, as he is not yet well-enough healed.

If you are on Facebook, our Peregrines have their own page: ~Peregrine Place on Facebook~ where each Peregrine site in the Buffalo area will have its own Photo Album.

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