Saturday, November 20, 2010

~Central Terminal's Mystery Peregrines~

The adult Peregrines at the tower are not Stash and Stella, who nested here this year. It was a first-time nest for Stella who was a sub-adult the previous year when the pair apparently bonded at this site. Stash and Stella produced five successful fledges this year, who stayed around for quite a while before they started flying to some nearby church steeples.

Dyngus's body was later found along the thruway and Frightful wound up at the Owl Foundation in Ontario with minor injuries. We have no further information about Frightful.

It is unknown if Stash and Stella were displaced in a fight or perhaps migrated away, leaving their nestsite available. Now we are trying to ID the new pair though both birds are apparently from the east.

Black over green

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