Wednesday, November 17, 2010

~Central Terminal Peregrine Mystery ~

Jacquie Walters, DEC, visited CT again today and sent me these pix taken this afternoon.

The huge female, also shown in yesterday's blog, has a silver band on the right leg.

This male is also a very large bird, the kind of large we might think a female but we'll just assume he's fluffed up against the cold November winds which fiercely blow through this site. Jacquie saw green showing through the feathers on the left leg of the male.  So, these birds are from eastern states but until we can get a better view and catch some numbers, it remains yet another Buffalo mystery.  Where are Stella and Stash?

Detectives are needed! Any local Peregrine watchers out there? Or visiting Rochester watchers? We need your help at Central Terminal! Contact us if you can watch, or if you do see any Peregrines in the Buffalo area!

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