Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~A Pefa pair again confirmed at the small boat harbor~

I just received an email from Jacquie Walters at the DEC with great news!
First we went to Times Beach and saw a few Herons, Greater Yellowlegs, and Hooded Mergansers. Afterwards, we went to the grain elevators to scope for PeFas. None were on the old Cargill place, but as soon as we looked over at Holcim Connie spotted them right away. They were both perched on the huge Holcim sign! The male, who is white-breasted, was perched on top of the sign guarding the female who was sitting behind the sign right next to him eating a prey item. She has a tawny-colored breast and is rather big, so it is very easy to tell them apart. It was so great to see them still in the area! I wonder who else is overwintering? UB, CT, and Statler for sure. It would be interesting to know if our bridge and gorge birds are sticking around too.
 So if you're in any of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls pefa areas and spot our birds, please report in!

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