Saturday, October 23, 2010

nightengale, Chris, reports
On Tuesday, after not seeing pefas for a while, I spotted one flying over the most northern end of Grand Island just west of the North Grand Island bridge spans. It amazes me that they are sticking around Shocked
thanks, Chris!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~A Pefa pair again confirmed at the small boat harbor~

I just received an email from Jacquie Walters at the DEC with great news!
First we went to Times Beach and saw a few Herons, Greater Yellowlegs, and Hooded Mergansers. Afterwards, we went to the grain elevators to scope for PeFas. None were on the old Cargill place, but as soon as we looked over at Holcim Connie spotted them right away. They were both perched on the huge Holcim sign! The male, who is white-breasted, was perched on top of the sign guarding the female who was sitting behind the sign right next to him eating a prey item. She has a tawny-colored breast and is rather big, so it is very easy to tell them apart. It was so great to see them still in the area! I wonder who else is overwintering? UB, CT, and Statler for sure. It would be interesting to know if our bridge and gorge birds are sticking around too.
 So if you're in any of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls pefa areas and spot our birds, please report in!

Friday, October 15, 2010

~Frightful in Ontario Rehab~

"The Owl Foundation Ontario has a visitor from the United States! Meet "Frightful", a young male Peregrine Falcon recovered in Burlington. Frightful is recovering from road rash and severe bruising to the underside of his right wing. He's still very sore, but is enjoying the space and quail he's receiving in his flight training complex. Frightful was banded at Buffalo Central Terminal this past spring."
Posted on The Owl Foundation Facebook Page

We wish Frightful Free Flying again very soon!  Here are earlier pix of Frightful during fledging~

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Friday, October 8, 2010

~BB @ UB~

Here's our BB on her perch at MacKay

I think she knows Yankee is up there

Central Terminal's little Frightful was rescued today in Ontario, and taken to a rehab. Nothing serious, a wing abrasion, and release is anticipated shortly.

On a sadder note, Central Terminal's Dyngus likely had a fatal collision with a car as he was found by the Clinton exit of the thruway this week.

These reports along with Roger having seen a lot of flying activity at CT a couple days ago, make we wonder why they are still in the vicinity at this time of year. I would have expected them to be migrating by now, and especially Dyngus, going north instead of south as winter approaches is curious.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~Wet Peregrines~

Roger made a run by UB and CT today in the rain and was rewarded by finding a few pefas at home. BB was on MacKay Tower at UB, you can see the rain in that pic. At CT he saw two on the tower but said at least three were flying around. Are some of the kids still here? We'll have to check again tomorrow!

If you spot our birds, please comment telling us where. :)




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Monday, October 4, 2010


Andrew and Chris Stange have reported seeing a N. Grand Island Bridge Pefa on Sept 26 and Oct 3rd.  Thank You!