Monday, July 5, 2010

~Sage again at Peregrine Palace~

Rescued last Monday but what a difference a week makes for a Peregrine!

Today she was front and center as we drove up the driveway to Central Terminal, practicing walking on the large arch. Maneuvering up the slope she learns to combine steps and wing action before deciding to take flight.

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  1. Is Falco now Sage? Love those walking shots and trying to keep balance.

    So, no peregrines at the grain elevators? I was hoping we would get to find out who had that yellow band.

    Thanks for all of your monitoring. Can't believe CT is the only one left to fledge.

  2. Yes, she's Sage!

    The grain elevator/Holcim birds seem to have left the area. They haven't been seen by us or anyone on site for weeks. A nestbox will be installed though because it's a great spot for pefas and if those two don't return, others will find it. They seem to really like Buffalo's proximity to water. :)


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