Tuesday, July 13, 2010

~One of the Potter boys on MacKay~

It was after eight pm when we approached UB and the light was fading. First we saw an adult on the water tower but couldn't find any of the kids around the VA. Then one of the boys flew to MacKay Tower and he seemed to be looking for the others to join him. He flew off a few times and landed the last time at the very top of the tower - Winspear side.





The pix above are Roger's, thanks hon, and the one below is mine.


At Central Terminal we saw some flying to and from the tower but nothing more.Carolyn saw them earlier this evening playing aerial games and much more active.  Carolyn is a photographer, likes Peregrines and is looking for something to do...........................hmmmmmmm.........................  :)))

We got there to find Bruno watching for the birds and a bit later Carolyn and her husband came back to check them out again too! Good to see you all tonight!

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  1. I am really attached to the Central Terminal Falcons.Sage brings them to life with her vivid descriptions,and amazing pictures(thanx Roger).They are all a part of Buffalo's hidden gems!! Bruno BMAL13@AOL.COM


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