Friday, July 2, 2010

~More Peregrine falcon fun~

Central Terminal
Stash, Jr.

Little "Frightful"  
(I hope this isn't official yet!)

Proud parents high atop the tower watching over their domain
Grain Elevators/Holcim - no peregrines seen in a couple weeks!
UB - Two of the kids are seen flying over the VA Hospital.  Unless we can see three at the same time we cannot say for sure that there still are three.  Lack of colored tape on right legs hampers IDs at these distances.
Niagara Gorge - Adult pefa observed in the opening previously used as a nestsite for two hours without moving.  Very odd.  All the other area pefas have fledged, and this nestsite was empty with weeds growing in it til very late into nesting season.
Statler Building - Since all five have fledged there haven't been any reports of sightings.

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