Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~CT buzzin' with birds!

Stash atop the southeast clock and Stella on a ledge kept their eyes on the kids who were flying around, playing tag and landing clumsily. One pefa tried to get a bird on a wire without success.


Couldn't get the leg shots needed to ID

Too cute to ever be frightful, really!

Hey, can we get some help up here?

Stash on lookout

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

~Great Rochester Event!

Here is the Rochester Peregrine nest site

We met many of the fantastic Rochester falcon-watchers this weekend at the Saturday breakfast in the park. More watchers arrived after these pictures were taken. I wish they would all move to Buffalo!

Callidora was spotted bringing her breakfast to the event which she ate from a building next to the park! Later, two pefas were seen flying overhead before they disappeared behind the buildings. We hope Callidora's brother Jemison can soon join her and give the dedicated falcon watchers a wonderful treat!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

~Knock, knock! Anyone home?

Frightful was the only one home tonight

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

~Frightful has breakfast on the tower~

We grabbed bagels w/cream cheese and coffees at the gas station this morning and headed for Central Terminal. There on a high ledge was Frightful enjoying her breakfast too! I don't know if it was delivered or handed off to her, or if she caught it herself. :)

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

~Tonight at UB~

One of the Potter boys was on the Winspear side at first and then he flew around to the other side.  Then he flew to the nestbox,, went inside, came out and sat on both perches, flapped, then flew off.   He flew to the opposite side and landed right where BB was perched, displacing her.  She then flew away towards the south.

Before we left we saw two juvies flying away from MacKay over the UB campus. Again, I cannot say for sure if there are two or three juvies until I can see three at once. Sorry! 

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

~One of the Potter boys on MacKay~

It was after eight pm when we approached UB and the light was fading. First we saw an adult on the water tower but couldn't find any of the kids around the VA. Then one of the boys flew to MacKay Tower and he seemed to be looking for the others to join him. He flew off a few times and landed the last time at the very top of the tower - Winspear side.





The pix above are Roger's, thanks hon, and the one below is mine.


At Central Terminal we saw some flying to and from the tower but nothing more.Carolyn saw them earlier this evening playing aerial games and much more active.  Carolyn is a photographer, likes Peregrines and is looking for something to do...........................hmmmmmmm.........................  :)))

We got there to find Bruno watching for the birds and a bit later Carolyn and her husband came back to check them out again too! Good to see you all tonight!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

~Slippin' and Slidin'~

After flying around together and playing talon-tag with dad above Central Terminal, Sage grabs a difficult landing on the curved slope over one of the clocks.



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Friday, July 9, 2010

~Wing action at Central Terminal~

Cloudy rainy day so here are a few other recent pix I hope you'll like!  We saw the adults at CT with the kids flying around and then resting.  At UB, the parents were on MacKay and a juvie on the Water Tower at the corner.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

~Jacquie's report from Central Terminal~

Jacquie Walters, a new and very competent DEC tech sent this report from her CT Pefa watch this morning:

I went to CT today and had a blast watching the kids flying around! When I first got there I couldn't find anybody. Then after a few minutes one of the adults came flying in and I heard 5 voices calling out from all different areas of the tower. Some were on the back side and some were on the side facing the traffic circle. Two had been sitting way back on a ledge near the top and had made themselves "invisible". Not long after that everyone started flying around the tower and landing on different ledges, two took off and soared out of sight for a while with one of the adults before coming back and perching again.

While everyone was resting in the shade on the tower, I spotted a large dark bird soaring in the distance (looking toward that old tan building with the black roof behind the parking lot), I was pretty sure it was an eagle, but it was too far away to get a good look at it. I didn't think anything of it and continued spying on the PeFas. About ten minutes later the only chick that had perched on the parking lot side of the tower (the others were either on the back or on the side facing the traffic circle) began squawking loudly. The juvenile eagle had come closer and was circling very close to the tower! The fledgling flew off to the back of the tower still squawking loudly and immediately both parents shot out from that side like lightning and attacked the eagle! It was such an amazing sight! This eagle didn't know what hit it. Both parents were yelling at it and taking turns diving at it right over my head! They chased it away out of sight, toward the northeast! A few minutes later one of the adults came back and started circling for prey. I watched it diving at a few pigeons before I had to leave to get back to the office.
Our hearts go out to Columbus.

Monday, July 5, 2010

~Sage again at Peregrine Palace~

Rescued last Monday but what a difference a week makes for a Peregrine!

Today she was front and center as we drove up the driveway to Central Terminal, practicing walking on the large arch. Maneuvering up the slope she learns to combine steps and wing action before deciding to take flight.

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~Sage at Peregrine Palace~

We arrived at Central Terminal to find little Sage on the opposite side of the lower building, clearly in sight as we approached.  She was diligently practicing her wing-flaps.    The rest were on the other side with parents in attendance.  Stash and Stella have been treating the kids to numerous flying demonstrations and later in the evening when we expected to find them all hunkering down, they were all gone!  We waited til almost dark but either they didn't yet return or they were perfecting their skills of "invisibility".

And this one from the day before with two kids on the lower ledge and a parent above-left

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