Friday, June 11, 2010

~You count! How many at the Statler?

Statler Tower
Now I think five! How many chicks do you see in the Statler box?
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Central Terminal
Waiting for dinner or the DEC to band her?

And some wing-flapping just for us!
Dad Stash had flown in to a high ledge on the left and proceeded to rip apart some prey.  Feathers were flying everywhere!  Then he flew around and perched on the right side.  Mom Stella was high above on the penthouse railing.    Neither one went to get the prey and take it to the kids!
Banding likely Wed., June  16 @ 10am

Shot darkened to show feathers flying

And at UB today,

Shot of the day - the Potter boys, two in the corner and one inside,  and BB flying out of the nest!

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