Tuesday, June 15, 2010

~ Statler chick who went down is a healthy girl named "Statler"!

Just a fast post to let you know the Statler bird who went to the street yesterday has been given a clean bill of health, she was banded and named "Statler" by Connie!  How cool is that!  "Statler" was taken to the top of City Hall this afternoon by Jackie, DEC tech, and released!  "Statler" sat on the post for a while, then flapped like crazy and took off toward the Statler,  calling out!  A parent immediately responded and flew to her!  Don't you love a story like this?  :)))  Of course, pix will follow later today, oh!  One more thing, we saw four chicks still in the nestbox while "Stater" was not in the box!  Just thought you'd want to know!  :))

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