Monday, June 7, 2010

~Scary day at UB~

Around mid-day the Potter boys were all in a heap resting at the back of the box. Enter BB-bearing-bird for lunch. The top two boys got up and ate their fill while the little one seemed unable to rouse.


After a bit he seemed to be trying to raise his head and look backwards toward mom, but to no avail. The two bigger boys ate everything she had and she left without checking on him at all.

He stayed down for about an hour after mom left and then I was elated to see him stand!

He walked to the middle and stood in the divider for an hour,  looking  but not venturing out further.  It relieved my anxiety to see him up though.

Little one must have been very hungry after missing the big meal earlier.  Mom came in with prey and tore a chunk off.   Little one grabbed it away from a surprised mom and sibling, and ran to the back of the box with it.  BB tried to get it back, but Little one wouldn't let her take it.  He held it down with his talons and tore it apart and at the whole thing!  Boy, was I relieved!

A couple more shots.

As darkness fell, all three were back in box snuggled up.  :)
As you remember, on banding day BB was having a fit and would not leave the box even for the perch where the previous year she had sat patiently throughout the banding.  This year she was fiercely protective and the boys were returned to her as quickly as possible.  In the hurry, the colored tape on the right leg band was not used, hence making it difficult to ID the boys with any certainty.
Also of note, one male was banded at the South Grand Island Bridge this week.
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  1. I have to say I am a little disappointed in UB and/or the DEC for not posting updates on a weekly basis. Even the link to view the banding on the webpage will not open.

    The Boise, Idaho Peregrine Falcon site has much information and the Derby Cathedral site in the UK is outstanding. My boyfriend and I took binoculars yesterday and park on Winspear, we saw the parents, bu couldn't see any of the chicks. I couldn't actually see the box, but it appears to be in a window from some of the pics on your blog. Where is the best place to stand to see the chicks? Thank you very much for this blog!

  2. Michelle, the MacKay Tower nestbox faces Bailey and the VA. The Potter boys are coming out to the flight deck, ledge and perches now so this is a great time to watch them. You may have chosen a time when they were inside and quiet. Get near the fence along the complex for fun views. Bring binocs!

    The cam is a courtesy of UB and they are new to this kind of thing. Maybe their camsite will evolve into one with those updates, news and ability to review daily screencaps. The DEC does not provide cams.

    Thanks Michelle, for viewing the blog, and your comments give encouragement to Roger and I.


  3. Vicki, THANK YOU! I wasn't sure if my post even was published. I can't tell you how addicted I have become to these birds and the ones in Boise, and the Derby Cathedral.

    I hope to get to the UB Campus again this Sunday. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Once they fledge, will they come back to the UB nest or go elsewhere? When do you think they will take their first flights?

    Honestly, thank you so very much for this Blog, I wish I would have discovered it earlier! The photos are great! Keep up the awesome work!


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