Thursday, June 3, 2010

~The Potter Boys~

All the Harry Potter fans will be glad to hear that their names are now officially Harry, Ron and Hagrid, not Herman! Thanks to Barb, BB's rescuer, who is an avid Harry Potter fan, for the suggestion, which Connie agreed with. :)

Two of the boys at 30 days, 6/3/10


They are now officially Ledgelings!
Next comes Fledgelings!

 Poor Poopy-head!

And at the Statler, four kids are at about the same stage as the Potter boys!  There were five eggs but we haven't been able to detect more than four chicks so far.  They have not been banded because the DEC has been denied access to check and band the Peregrines.

Four chicks looking out on their new world
and being watched by their parents from nearby buildings
like the one below on the back of the National Fuel building.

This is a bad pic because of the lighting and distance but I think you can see the parent 
who really does have a good view of the nestbox.

And the cute little Kestrels at Iroquois are getting close to fledging!

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