Saturday, June 26, 2010

~Peregrines Everywhere!

Buffalo is exploding with new Peregrine falcons lately, and the latest five are starting to leave the nest this week!

Central Terminal
It's difficult to see them all in one pic, but both parents, Stash and Stella, plus their fantastic five kids are accounted for here!

Stella on the antenna and Stash above the clock, two kids in the box and one on the ledge below

Mom Stella keeping close watch on the wanderers below her

Two are loving their freedom on this roof ledge and we saw them being fed there

This one crawls like a cockroach across the ledge and hangs over the edge

Mom demonstrated flying for the amazed kids and then landed right next to this one for a brief visit before flying off again

While back at the nestbox the next to go are watching intently!

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