Wednesday, June 16, 2010

~Peregrine Banding Day at Buffalo's Central Terminal~

Buffalo's newest Peregrine nestbox was installed on the Central Terminal Tower after Stash and Stella chose the site as their own.  Stella was a sub-adult last year when the pair was observed daily on the tower's ledges.

The DEC and the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation joined forces and installed a nestbox to help ensure successful nesting.  A safe place with shelter from Buffalo's harsh weather, some gravel, a flight deck and perches give the Peregrines a greater chance survival than they would otherwise have.

It is also remarkable that Stash and Stella's first nesting produced five healthy eyasses!  They had just been fed by both parents prior to the banding, in fact, the banding had to wait a bit when we saw all the feeding activity.  When the feeding was finished, the parents flew off and the chicks were removed from nestbox.

"So, am I a boy or a girl?"
Sex determined by thickness of leg - girls have thicker legs

Jackie Walters and Mike Koch from the DEC banding the Peregrines

Connie Adams, Senior Wildlife Biologist, DEC, answering questions from some young rapt raptor enthusiasts!   Keegan O'Neill, Zachary Daub and Randy Chi

Stash and  Stella were very anxious awaiting the return of their five newly banded kids

WEB ALBUM  of the 2010 Central Terminal Peregrines

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