Monday, June 14, 2010

~Harry Potter gets rescued~

Fledge day 2 Harry and Hagrid were doing fine this morning, flying around the complex and sitting on Clark again. Brother Ron also fledged this morning though he spent a lot of time ledge-walking below the nestbox. The fledglings were flying together between MacKay and Clark when I spotted some gulls trying to join in the fun. Poor Harry got distracted and went down. A new falcon watcher, Dave Williams went over and kept an eye on Harry til I got there with some others. Harry was fine and hopped up to some concrete and then walked along the fence in front of some large electrical transformers and found a way into the fenced compound!

Sue from the complex brought a box, Officer Gamble called Ken Nusstein who came with heavy gloves and rescued Harry. Ken called DEC and then returned Harry to the MacKay roof where BB was anxiously waiting. When we left later, all three fledges were accounted for!  

Special thanks to Ken Nusstein, Officer Gamble, Dave and Sue for their help today!

Little Harry getting packaged up for his trip back to safety

Harry stuck behind the fence

Harry was down on the ground below but hopped up here, then walked around the fencing til he found a spot to crawl through.  Once inside, he found himself in a corner and didn't know what to do.  The fencing was high and topped with barbed wire so we didn't feel comfortable about his ability to get out.

Another shot of Harry before he got stuck in the fenced compound.

Ken releasing Harry to the roof.

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  1. This is Falcon Central - clear video, and room to move for the chicks. Thanks for the beauty
    of these magnificent birds !


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