Monday, June 28, 2010

~Sage rescued at Central Terminal~

Buffalo had very bad storms in the past twenty-four hours. Intellicast radar showed a very bad cell directly over Central Terminal today which is probably when the little one got blown off the ledge. She landed at the bottom of a debris-filled well which extended four stories below ground level. The 21 y/o son of Mark Lewandowski, M.J., helped Connie Adams rescue the little female named Sage.

After checking the fledgling Connie then tried to release to the fourth floor level roof where the other fledglings are but she refused to exit the carrier. She was then carried to the twelfth-floor and returned to the nestbox, much to the relief of the parents flying wildly above the scene.

 Sage in her rescue box

She promptly jumped out of the nestbox and on to the ledge below the box where she had spent the previous day.  See her  to the right?  Dad keeps on eye on her from above the clock.

Stash and Stella

This ledgling was found on the west side of the complex

and these two snuggle up as night falls nearer to the nestbox

A brief burst of sun as it sneeks out from behind the clouds just before setting for the night

Tomorrow I'll post some of Roger's pix which I haven't seen yet.

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