Saturday, June 12, 2010

Central Terminal
This CT eyass is going to be a handful for the DEC on banding day!

We went to CT twice today and saw both parents flying around the tower.  One hovered and the other flew circles over the top of CT!  Very cool display.  Pix showed just silhouettes because of we were facing into the sun to see the nestbox.
We were also at UB both early in the day and again later in the evening.  Two kids were in the corner of the ledge and one in the box, and parent on other side.  Later mom flew out of box and minutes later flew back in with food.   It's fun to watch the outside and at the same time, watch what's inside the box on the UB cam on  my iPhone.
Statler Tower
Today we can count four, and if there is a fifth, it's hiding.   Look how big they are!  The one on the right isn't even on the flight deck, but on the long perch!    They are getting ready to broaden their base of operations to soon include more roofs!

The triangle thing between the Statler and the Convention Center was demolished today.  Will the Statler be next?
And a final view to put it in perspective

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  1. My boyfriend and I had a horrible experience on Sat. We parked on Winspear, walked inside the College and stood in the maintenance parking lot to view the birds with bincoluars. We took some pictures, saw the mother swoop down and then bring back food. About 5 minutes after that both parents began to circle high above the tower and in the blink of an eye were diving down at us and circling about 5' - 6' above our heads. It was the most frightening experience ever. My boyfriend fell over a curb as the mother looked to be speading her talons and aiming for his head or back. He hurt his shoulder, back, and knee. We ran like hell, took cover under the trees, and a maintenance worker gave us a ride back to our car. This kind gentleman had also been attacked, and he said a worker on a nearby roof was bit and scratched and sought medical attention. The whole event was horrifying, thank God I didn't bring my elderly father whose hip was replaced last August.


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