Monday, June 21, 2010

Central Terminal
Look over to the right!

Little show-off

Roger, photographer for Peregrine Place, took his grandchildren Katie and Matthew to Central Terminal today and ran into Jacquie Walters, DEC tech, who had just spotted the first little ledgling on the ledge under the nestbox!

Jacquie today spotted a Peregrine in the Niagara Gorge that appeared to be mantling an eyass. This site needs more checking.

Last week Jacquie helped rescue and release a Statler early fledge, banded the Central Terminal eyasses, and while observing the South Grand Island Bridge site, saw the only eyass fall to the concrete bridge piling. She ran to someone at Collins Marine who immediately took her out to the spot, the chick fell into the river, then got swamped by the wake from another boat! He was floating upside down when Jacquie got to him. She lifted him out of the water thinking he must be dead but then water poured out of his beak! The bird was taken to the SPCA and will be fine! Whew! He will not be returned to that dangerous nest site which had more birds land in the river last year and there will likely be a nestbox installed before next season to help assure successful nestings in the future. Jacquie has had an exhilarating introduction to her new job!

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