Friday, June 18, 2010

All but one of the Statler kids has left the nest now.  We know the large female named "Statler" was flying high after her release from the top of City Hall Tuesday. 

This little one got way over to the extreme left side from the nest, negotiating the big gaps where the ledge is missing, but unable to figure out how to get around the corner.

Statler mom perched to the right of the nest trying to keep track of all her kids

Dad is watching from a higher perch on right end of the building

The Statler's reluctant one is able to see where the others are from this vantage point

The little ledgewalker to the left was going back and forth, and then this larger fledgling flew to the tower doing beautiful turns and landing right behind little one!  Must be a girl, but no band seen so it is not "Statler".  So, today we have accounted for four of the five Peregrines from this site and both parents.
Central Terminal
Wow!  It seems they've gotten a lot bigger just since yesterday's banding!
BB perched on the VA Hospital across Bailey Avenue from UB signaling the Potter boys have found their way to this wonderful flight-training base camp!  With all its many roof levels and antennas, last year's pefas loved flying to and from this building, back and forth to the UB campus, until they were sufficiently confident to go on their way to newer, bigger adventures.  We saw one of the newly fledged birds flying circles over the VA.  Tomorrow we'll see more!

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