Monday, June 28, 2010

~Sage rescued at Central Terminal~

Buffalo had very bad storms in the past twenty-four hours. Intellicast radar showed a very bad cell directly over Central Terminal today which is probably when the little one got blown off the ledge. She landed at the bottom of a debris-filled well which extended four stories below ground level. The 21 y/o son of Mark Lewandowski, M.J., helped Connie Adams rescue the little female named Sage.

After checking the fledgling Connie then tried to release to the fourth floor level roof where the other fledglings are but she refused to exit the carrier. She was then carried to the twelfth-floor and returned to the nestbox, much to the relief of the parents flying wildly above the scene.

 Sage in her rescue box

She promptly jumped out of the nestbox and on to the ledge below the box where she had spent the previous day.  See her  to the right?  Dad keeps on eye on her from above the clock.

Stash and Stella

This ledgling was found on the west side of the complex

and these two snuggle up as night falls nearer to the nestbox

A brief burst of sun as it sneeks out from behind the clouds just before setting for the night

Tomorrow I'll post some of Roger's pix which I haven't seen yet.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

~More Peregrine Fun at Central Terminal~

The Central Terminal's new Peregrine family is so much fun to watch! Stash and Stella are such attentive parents now that their kids are getting acquainted with roofs. Stash stays close to the nest, sometimes perched over the nearby clock as he surveys his kingdom. Stella loves the antenna over the adjoining roof where two of the kids are exploring.

Stash flew in with some prey which he left on the higher roof where one of the kids eagerly ran over to it. The ledgling on the lower roof was enticed to give a couple tries and actually made the jump to the higher roof above. So interesting to watch these interactions!

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

~Peregrines Everywhere!

Buffalo is exploding with new Peregrine falcons lately, and the latest five are starting to leave the nest this week!

Central Terminal
It's difficult to see them all in one pic, but both parents, Stash and Stella, plus their fantastic five kids are accounted for here!

Stella on the antenna and Stash above the clock, two kids in the box and one on the ledge below

Mom Stella keeping close watch on the wanderers below her

Two are loving their freedom on this roof ledge and we saw them being fed there

This one crawls like a cockroach across the ledge and hangs over the edge

Mom demonstrated flying for the amazed kids and then landed right next to this one for a brief visit before flying off again

While back at the nestbox the next to go are watching intently!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

~Central Terminal Peregrines Fledging~

The nestbox at Central Terminal must be getting crowded because the kids are leaving the box 1-2 weeks earlier than expected! Last week one was on the ledge under the nestbox. All seemed quiet this morning with Stash and Stella on higher perches. A couple large eyasses were at the front of the box blocking the view of those behind them.

We returned about 6pm to see Stash and Stella flying around over the lower middle building and immediately saw why! Little Stash Jr. was crawling along the ledge quite a bit lower than the nest!

Central Terminal



This morning both BB and Yankee were perched on MacKay but the kids weren't seen there, which is odd at this stage of the fledgling.  BB even went nto the box as if looking for them

  We returned this evening to find two of the fledges on the same nestbox perch!  Then we went to the other side to find the third, and I saw one fly by, but didn't know which bird it was.  When we got around the tower there was just one pefa now on the perch, but another was eating prey atop Clark.  We are assuming this one was one of the two from the perch, though it could be a third.  No way to be positive without seeing all three at once. 

Then the other perched boy took off and wound up on the very top of MacKay Tower.
BB was watching the kids from an antenna on the MacKay roof, near the recently placed sign below:


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Monday, June 21, 2010

Central Terminal
Look over to the right!

Little show-off

Roger, photographer for Peregrine Place, took his grandchildren Katie and Matthew to Central Terminal today and ran into Jacquie Walters, DEC tech, who had just spotted the first little ledgling on the ledge under the nestbox!

Jacquie today spotted a Peregrine in the Niagara Gorge that appeared to be mantling an eyass. This site needs more checking.

Last week Jacquie helped rescue and release a Statler early fledge, banded the Central Terminal eyasses, and while observing the South Grand Island Bridge site, saw the only eyass fall to the concrete bridge piling. She ran to someone at Collins Marine who immediately took her out to the spot, the chick fell into the river, then got swamped by the wake from another boat! He was floating upside down when Jacquie got to him. She lifted him out of the water thinking he must be dead but then water poured out of his beak! The bird was taken to the SPCA and will be fine! Whew! He will not be returned to that dangerous nest site which had more birds land in the river last year and there will likely be a nestbox installed before next season to help assure successful nestings in the future. Jacquie has had an exhilarating introduction to her new job!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

~Seen at UB and downtown~

Not much time today but before the Father's Day party we got to see two of the UB kids on BB's favorite perch on the VA Hospital and BB on the MacKay nestbox perch!

One of the Statler kids.  I did see two pefas flying from the Liberty Buildng to the Statler around 8 pm.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

~Buffalo's Newest Peregrines~

Central Terminal
Can you believe they just got banded three days ago?

Statler Pefas
This one is still ledge-walking on the Statler roof

while over on the Liberty Building this parent is watching 

This is Statler who was rescued Monday and released from the top of City Hall on Tuesday seen on the right below, parent to left
We also observed at least two young pefas flying between the Statler and Liberty buildings
BB back at the nest!

One of the boys
They are flying beautifully and already roaming the area as far as the VA Hospital

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