Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~What a 15-day old Peregrine falcon looks like~

Our UB kids on their 15th day in this new world!

Is she seeing her reflection in the camera?
I think her name is Diva!

Stay away from Duffs and the Anchor Bar little one!

Oh yeah!

Both parents were seen at the box together this morning.
Viewers have been concerned and calling the radio stations, DEC, SPCA and UB when then don't see the parents in the nest anymore.  Everything is fine.  When she's not feeding the eyasses, BB is out on the perch which right now is beyond camera view, or hunting and preparing the prey.  Yankee  also is either  hunting, bringing in food or on lookout perched high above his nest protecting his territory.  The chicks now are able to move to the corners of the nestbox, just out of view as well.

And at the Rochester nestbox, Beauty was snuggling her two newly hatched eyasses and wating for the third egg to hatch.
Rochester cam
Brussels mom at the nestbox during the night protecting her five eyasses who are about two weeks older than our UB birds.   
Brussels cam
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  1. We're having a naming opportunity for the chicks at UB.


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