Sunday, May 23, 2010

~UB Peregrine kids out on the flight deck~

We saw the eyasses out on the flight deck from the webcam, so we headed for UB and sure enough, here's the shot from the parking lot!

Roger got this shot of the Statler nest today to determine the number of eyasses. We see at least four and maybe five. Unfortunately, the DEC has been refused access to the building for banding this year.

In Brussels, the birds sleep standing up now and possibly one or two have fledged.

The Iroquois Kestrels are growing fast now!  Initially there were five eggs but these three will be a crowd soon enough!

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  1. wnyfalconwatcher5/24/10, 5:38 PM

    Sage, Thanks for keeping an eye on the Buffalo falcons. When do you and the DEC think the Statler chicks will fledge? The only way they will get banded is if one is grounded and picked up. Interestingly, DEC won't be able to return any to the nest if they leave early. Pretty sad situation. That's a shame about banding. Is it the owners that refuse? Could the mayor's office get involved since the DEC has been refused. You would think since peregrines are still on the NYS endangered list, that DEC would have some clout. The whole purpose is to ultimately track the whereabouts and monitor the falcons, so we know where they came from and have gone, so we can see if any environmental situation doesn't cause issues to the survival of the species as DDT did in the past. Going to post this to my forum as well.



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