Thursday, May 27, 2010

~Mystery Waterfront Peregrines!

Today's news! The Peregrines we watched earlier this spring at the grain elevators near Gallagher Beach apparently fly between there and Holcim Cement elevators. Connie Adams and two of her techs went up to the top of the South End Marina grain elevators (GE) today looking for a nest, but found only prey items. The pefas use that building and the DEC plans to install a nestbox there.

On our regular run this afternoon we found ourselves at the GE as Connie and techs were on site. After they came down we convinced her to check out Holcim just down the road. We had spoken with the guy there a few days ago who said there are pefas there. We all went over there and voila'! A beautiful sub-adult female was spotted near the top. After a bit she flew to another building and sat perched there for a while. Then she flew circles above us as if to take a better look, as usually there would be no people at all in that area. She is banded, but we have to go back for better shots and hopefully an ID. Could it be BB's Tory from UB?

More news and counts from other nest sites after a pictorial break:

On the rail in front of the door

 Flying around

Other pefa news:

North Grand Island Bridge: 3 males 1 female banded

South Grand Island Bridge: at least one chick seen; will be banded later

Statler Tower: 4 chicks seen about the same age as UB's. We'll check again soon to be sure it's 4 and not 5.

Niagara Gorge: 2 Adults spotted but nest not found yet

Central Terminal: Stella? was on perch for quite a wile and then flew around tower and landed on higher point. Banding not for a couple weeks yet.

Gates Circle area: Prey on roof checked by Connie; same general area as pic sent in of sub-adult pefa at a 9th floor window posted here about a month ago. This pair may not be nesting yet, but seem to have picked a nice building in an elegant section of Delaware Avenue. Forest Lawn is very close with water, ducks and birds.

So far, I think that adds up to 17 known new Peregrines for the Buffalo area in 2010!

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