Wednesday, May 5, 2010

~Lots of new Peregrine falcon babies in Buffalo~

So very much going on in Buffalo's Peregrine Falcon world this week!

UB Nestbox
A very strong storm cell is moving through the area, the UB eyasses first such experience,
but they are being well protected.
Yankee on watch earlier today
Statler Building
And we caught a feeding at the Statler!

Roger took the two shots of the feeding from here!
Nestbox is at the top-left of center section of the Statler straight ahead.
Central Terminal
Stash is on watch
Five eggs expected to hatch during the third week of May
And meet a just-discovered new pair of Peregrines in the Gates Circle area!
This is one of three pix sent to us today from a new contact who told Roger
about often seeing the Pefas on the roof where he lives!
South Grand Island Bridge
One quick shot before a fast exit by the Thruway Authority 
who confirmed this nest to be in the same location as 2009.
The Peregrines were not in a welcoming mood today!
With all the construction underway on the south bridges we hope this nest can succeed. 
Connie Adams also reports the Thruway Authority saw eyasses in the North Grand Island Bridge nestbox which was moved and repositioned so it has been difficult to see inside the box from shore so this is great news!
The pefa kids should be able to be banded if the dating is good.

I hope I didn't forget to share anything!

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  1. I haven't had a chance to check anything out in person for a while. Wow, I can't believe so many eyases and more to come. They are s-o-o-o cute! Does that make 8 sites in the Buffalo/Niagara area now? I hope the resident at Gates Circle has binoculars and can see if there are any bands. No news yet on what's goin on at the grain elevators? Thanks for keeping everyone up to date. You and Roger have your hands full.


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