Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~Bijoux Day for the boys at UB~

Today was Banding Day at UB and all three are boys! UB held a naming contest again this year and Harry Potter names were chosen, so we now have Harry, Ron and Herman which of course was supposed to be Hermoine. Truly awful names for Peregrines, but that's that.

Here's the link to my online web album from the banding. Before we left for UB, we saw on the cam that BB was in the nestbox apparently trying to shade the kids from the strong sun. She never left the box as Mark was trying to get the chicks out for banding and she actually drew blood from his arm with her talons!

Last year she sat quietly on her perch during the procedure but not this time. Yankee was away hunting and finally returned with a pigeon which he took to a ledge above the box, but he was apparently afraid to take it to the box. BB was yelling for him to come and help.

All was well later and the boys are safely in the scrape now. And BB has become a most protective mum! Good save, Barb! :)

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