Sunday, April 18, 2010

~A Peregrine at the Grain Elevators~

Before going to the grain elevator site on the waterfront, we checked Central Terminal where yesterday the DEC confirmed four eggs in the nestbox. Today no pefa was visible anywhere else on the tower while we were there, but we did find remains of a recent meal below.

Then on to the waterfront site of Buffalo's newest Peregrine pair at this old grain elevator. 
We first spotted the pefa on the rail of what I'll refer to as the fourth balcony
(arrows) and after a bit the bird left that spot and flew around, finally
landing directly above the flag where it seemed to be eating

Since the birds have been seen there for the past month, earlier both flying together but now just one at a time, it's probable that they are nesting somewhere in that structure. We have seen the birds on the south side, the east side (front) and today the north side. So where might the nest be?

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