Thursday, April 15, 2010

~Peregrine at the Grain Elevators and a new bird in town!

Exciting day - we saw a Peregrine at the Grain Elevators, after no sighting the last week or so. And, it's banded! Black/green on left leg and possibly yellow/gold on the right. I hope the Jim who first photographed the bird can come back and get some leg shots good enough to read the numbers. :)

The heavily cropped shots below were taken by Roger with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 with a long lens equiv. 600mm.  Though Roger and I have matching cameras, they are not DSLRs, so shooting such a small subject from long distances is challenging.  A DSLR is on our "to get" list! 

Arrows above point to the peregrine
And below, meet our newest Peregrine,
spotted at someone's window!

Wouldn't you just love to see this young peregrine at your window?
Someone in the Delaware & North area just did and contacted BAS for an ID.
The inquirer was on the ninth floor so you can see the city lights in the background.

This is the image cropped and tweaked a bit to see it better

Stay tuned.............  :)

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