Monday, April 26, 2010

~Monday Peregrine falcon watch~

First stop - we observed the 18th floor Statler nest from the Rand Building for an hour. Mom was positioned flat on her eggs with no fidgeting, no little white puffy eyasses peeking out either. No food deliveries or sightings of dad in the sky or on any ledges of nearby buildings.

Statler nest

Central Terminal  
Stash first spotted on another ledge but then flew to the top of the tower

Grain Elevators 
no sign of a pefa for quite a while and then he made an appearance flying in to the south side

under the 5th V-shape from the right.  This is another shot to show more of the south side.

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  1. Hi I live on Breckenridge and we have Falcons! In fact since they have moved in we have started having a mouse problem in our house. It's very neat you can hear them screeching too. We live right near Lafayette High school which has a very tall tower, I would be willing to bet that it where they have been nesting. We love them mice and all!


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