Monday, April 19, 2010

~Grain Elevator Peregrines~

We had no luck finding Peregrines at the Grand Island bridges today, but then we went on to the Grain elevators. Roger just happened to meet up with the owner and it turns out they are the same age and share a Navy background!

The first shot is mine, full out, no long lens. The next three are Roger's with the long lens. We can see the bands, but not read them. The right leg band appears to be notched.

Oddly, Joyce in Rochester, saw both pefas flying together on Saturday, leading to a conclusion they may not now be incubating. We however have only seen one at a time, obviously on lookout, for the past few weeks.

I expect the DEC will be checking that level of the structure very soon to get the answer we are awaiting.

How cute is this?

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