Friday, April 2, 2010

~BB's Pet Rock and other Pefa news~

Today in Buffalo the weather was sunny and the temp almost reached 80!  Spring must be here and the Peregrines are nesting.  We checked as many nest sites as the day allowed.  But first, this series of screencaps from UB's MacKay Tower nestbox.  :)

BB's and Yankee's three eggs, and pet rock

as BB stands up for a few minutes

She checks to be sure all the eggs are in place

before settling down again.  
Oh, Connie said the Peregrines do not lay a "replacement" egg.
We didn't see any activity at the Grain Elevators today
It was so hazy over the river near the North Grand Island bridge, we couldn't be sure if a bird was in the nestbox, while looking through camera lens, binoculars and spotting scope.

There was a lot of activity though
at South Grand Island Bridge,
flying, mating, eating.

They were mostly on the southeast bridge,
but there is so much construction work
going on there near the nesting area.

At Central Terminal, Stella flew to the tower nestbox but stayed outside on the ledge calling to her mate.

Note:  Connie Adams, DEC, is speaking at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, Sat April 3, 2010.
  "Focus on: Peregrine Falcons"
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