Monday, March 8, 2010

~We're back!

We returned from Fort Myers last night, unpacked just a little bit, then went to bed. This beautiful, sunny morning, we went out to breakfast, intending to then go shopping as our cupboards were bare. Instead, we headed for UB, CT and the Statler! :)))

Smoky was on lookout at the top of MacKay Tower and BB was on the perch. After a while, Smoky flew off, around to the other side and into the nestbox where BB joined him. He must have brought her some lunch as she stayed inside eating and he flew off. It was so great to see them again!

Although we understand that Stash and Stella have stayed at Central Terminal this winter, we were not lucky enough to see them today, though if either was in the nestbox, they may not have been visible to us. It was so cold and windy there today and the nestbox is on the side which was in the shade somewhat protected from the harsh wind. We checked the sunny side but couldn't find them there either.

Next we stopped at the Statler and were thrilled to see the falcon perched there! After a while she flew off and out of our sight. That's when we noticed the Statler's ground floor windows and doors boarded up. Neither the DEC nor BAS will have access to the building this year, so the nestbox will have to be used "as is" and there will be no cams for the first time in many years. Until the eyasses come out to play, we probably will not know much about this nest.

Smoky perched near the top, maybe catching some warmth from the heating tower


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