Saturday, March 27, 2010

~Saturday with the Peregrines in Buffalo~

Today we checked Central Terminal first but found only the leftover wings of the falcon's most recent meals.  Then on to the Statler and a couple nest shots from the Rand Building.  After that we found the grain elevators and the two peregrines!  But first a word from UB - BB and Yankee now have two eggs, and their pet rock!

Above shot  from webcam which should be live soon!

Looking upward for mate

Roger took these Statler nest shots from  the 24th floor of the
Rand Building hoping to see if there were any eggs yet
 we couldn't detect any for sure
And now on to Buffalo's newest pair of Peregrines on the old grain elevators near
Gallagher Beach, Tifft and Fuhrman area
One of the new peregrines stayed up here for quite a while after a lot of flying around with it's mate. They would circle the grain elevators, land in various places on the south side, fly off, land again, etc.  Looked like fun to me!   Note this pix shows an antenna very high on the elevator. 

One pefa flying into window on left and the other is landing on the pipe under the second building!
(Click on the pic to enlarge)

The pefas favor the unseen long side of the elevators next to the barges.
We really need a much better camera for this job!
 But I am totally enjoying my new binoculars I got when we visited Sapsucker Woods. We have matching cameras and I'm taking pix too but he's using the long lens on his camera so his pix win!  :)

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  1. Thanks for the photos. At least I will know what to look for. Hopefully someone will be able to ID the new peregrines. Did you see any bands?

  2. If you have a scope, bring it! Jim noticed they both were banded so as soon as someone can read the bands their identities can be determined.

  3. Sorry, no scope.


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