Saturday, March 20, 2010

~A recap of the Buffalo Peregrine activity~

UB Peregrines, Main and  Winspear at MacKay Tower
2009 - 4 fledged
UB has taken on the responsibility of providing a cam for this nestbox, occupied by BB and Smoky. They installed the high-def cam Fri Mar 18th and will be connecting it to a UB website. I'll post the url soon. BB stayed calm on her perch during the cam installation. Yesterday and today, the birds were alternately perching, flying in circles around their tower and ee-chupping.

Central Terminal
2009 - pair was practicing for this year :)
The DEC installed a nestbox at this site, for Stash and Stella, the pair who claimed the tower last year, though she was still a sub-adult. CT is essentially unoccupied though volunteers for a restoration foundation are doing work on the main building in hopes of reviving it.

Statler Building
2009 - fledged 3
Falcon is seen on nestbox perch.
Note: the Statler is bankrupt; attempts to sell it have failed; the lower floor is boarded up; no on has access. BAS has removed their equipment. DEC will have to gather information by watching from another building, and will not even have access for banding. It is unknown whether the DEC will be able to return an eyass to the 18th floor nest in an emergency. Sad case.

Grain Elevators
Connie Adams, DEC, has reliable sighting of a new pair at one of the many grain elevators.

South Grand Island Bridge
2009 - 1 of 3 rescued and hopefully fledged
New pair nested in bridgework 2009, and was seen today doing aerial displays near the bridge!
Nestbox may be installed this year or next

North Grand Island Bridge
2009 - 3 counted as fledged

Niagara Gorge
2009 - I think 3 fledged

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