Friday, March 26, 2010

~One mystery solved~

BB's new mate has been identified as "Yankee" who was banded at the Niagara Gorge, Canadian side, in 2008! It's great to know where he came from but what did he do with Smoky?

I hope MacKay Tower keeps the nestbox warm in these 20 degree temps tonight. It was sending out lots of steam today. :)

BB's nest!  Is she going to incubate her pet rock?
She should lay another real egg tonight too.

MacKay Tower at UB

More exciting news! There is a pair of banded pefas at a grain elevator in the Tifft/Fuhrmann area! Though legs bands can be seen, reading them thus far has been unsuccessful.   The pic below was not taken by Roger or me, but was sent to the DEC by Jim, I think from BOS.  Thanks, Jim!

We're going to look this weekend for these birds, and check the Statler, and CT sites.  Maybe we'll see you there!

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