Wednesday, March 31, 2010

~Wednesday Peregrine Update~

UB: Around 2pm, Yankee returned to the box. It's unclear if he or BB resumed incubating. 
More positive news tomorrow I hope.

HDR of Grain Elevators, home to new pair

Probable nestbox at the old power generator across from Terrapin Point, Niagara Falls

North Grand Island Bridge: nestbox has been moved to the underside of the center span

South Grand Island Bridge: pefa seen flying in area of 2009 nest earlier in the day 
and seen perched near nest site later in the afternoon.

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~A fight at the UB box~

During the evening, there was a fight with a third Peregrine at the UB nestbox and sadly, an egg was lost. I can't help but wonder if the third bird could have been Smoky trying to regain his nest, and I don't know yet which male is at the nest today. Another question is whether incubation will be resumed. I'll post more info as it become available.

Also of note, there was a third bird at CT on 3/24, and another such incident at the north GI bridge recently. Smoky may still be here trying to get a nest site. Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

~Go for it, Yankee!

Is Yankee trying to turn BB's pet rock?

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Monday, March 29, 2010

~Third egg at UB!

Between 2:15 and 2:30 Monday afternoon, BB laid her third egg!

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~Yankee keeping two eggs warm~

Yankee on nest duty Monday morning, with still two eggs, but there should be three later today

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

~Saturday with the Peregrines in Buffalo~

Today we checked Central Terminal first but found only the leftover wings of the falcon's most recent meals.  Then on to the Statler and a couple nest shots from the Rand Building.  After that we found the grain elevators and the two peregrines!  But first a word from UB - BB and Yankee now have two eggs, and their pet rock!

Above shot  from webcam which should be live soon!

Looking upward for mate

Roger took these Statler nest shots from  the 24th floor of the
Rand Building hoping to see if there were any eggs yet
 we couldn't detect any for sure
And now on to Buffalo's newest pair of Peregrines on the old grain elevators near
Gallagher Beach, Tifft and Fuhrman area
One of the new peregrines stayed up here for quite a while after a lot of flying around with it's mate. They would circle the grain elevators, land in various places on the south side, fly off, land again, etc.  Looked like fun to me!   Note this pix shows an antenna very high on the elevator. 

One pefa flying into window on left and the other is landing on the pipe under the second building!
(Click on the pic to enlarge)

The pefas favor the unseen long side of the elevators next to the barges.
We really need a much better camera for this job!
 But I am totally enjoying my new binoculars I got when we visited Sapsucker Woods. We have matching cameras and I'm taking pix too but he's using the long lens on his camera so his pix win!  :)

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Friday, March 26, 2010

~One mystery solved~

BB's new mate has been identified as "Yankee" who was banded at the Niagara Gorge, Canadian side, in 2008! It's great to know where he came from but what did he do with Smoky?

I hope MacKay Tower keeps the nestbox warm in these 20 degree temps tonight. It was sending out lots of steam today. :)

BB's nest!  Is she going to incubate her pet rock?
She should lay another real egg tonight too.

MacKay Tower at UB

More exciting news! There is a pair of banded pefas at a grain elevator in the Tifft/Fuhrmann area! Though legs bands can be seen, reading them thus far has been unsuccessful.   The pic below was not taken by Roger or me, but was sent to the DEC by Jim, I think from BOS.  Thanks, Jim!

We're going to look this weekend for these birds, and check the Statler, and CT sites.  Maybe we'll see you there!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

~All Quiet at Central Terminal, but~

After all the drama at CT yesterday, it was peaceful today. Despite the gray, rainy day and the distance, Roger got some shots. In a couple views, it looks as if there may be a black or dark leg band. Last year, neither Stash nor Stella were banded, so... A third bird onsite yesterday, today two but one may be banded. Curious.

At the Statler we saw one perched, but high police presence, including mounted police, barricades and rain caused us to just keep moving.

And where is Smoky? Stay tuned!




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~BB's First Egg for 2010!

BB laid her first egg for 2010 around midnight! The excitement begins! Who is the dad?



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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

~Drama at Central Terminal~

After going to the tax preparer this morning, Roger checked some nest sites and reports drama at CT with a third pefa nearby. One was in the nestbox while two were flying overhead. One then returned to the nest. Roger couldn't get a shot of all three at the same time.

Here is some of what transpired at the nestbox





At UB, BB was at the nestbox and her mate nearby on a ledge. The number on the male's band is now known and is being traced so we should soon have an answer as to who replaced Smoky! Could Smoky be the third pefa seen at CT today? Stay tuned!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

~Uh oh...

It's a mystery! The tiercel with BB at MacKay Tower is banded and Smoky was not. I'm sure attempts will be made soon to ID this guy! Stay tuned!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

~UB and Statler Pefas~

A beautiful sunny day in Buffalo was enjoyed by all!

Smoky on lookout

Smoky above left - BB on perch

 BB smiling for the camera

Statler falcon

Statler falcon flying off perch

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~A recap of the Buffalo Peregrine activity~

UB Peregrines, Main and  Winspear at MacKay Tower
2009 - 4 fledged
UB has taken on the responsibility of providing a cam for this nestbox, occupied by BB and Smoky. They installed the high-def cam Fri Mar 18th and will be connecting it to a UB website. I'll post the url soon. BB stayed calm on her perch during the cam installation. Yesterday and today, the birds were alternately perching, flying in circles around their tower and ee-chupping.

Central Terminal
2009 - pair was practicing for this year :)
The DEC installed a nestbox at this site, for Stash and Stella, the pair who claimed the tower last year, though she was still a sub-adult. CT is essentially unoccupied though volunteers for a restoration foundation are doing work on the main building in hopes of reviving it.

Statler Building
2009 - fledged 3
Falcon is seen on nestbox perch.
Note: the Statler is bankrupt; attempts to sell it have failed; the lower floor is boarded up; no on has access. BAS has removed their equipment. DEC will have to gather information by watching from another building, and will not even have access for banding. It is unknown whether the DEC will be able to return an eyass to the 18th floor nest in an emergency. Sad case.

Grain Elevators
Connie Adams, DEC, has reliable sighting of a new pair at one of the many grain elevators.

South Grand Island Bridge
2009 - 1 of 3 rescued and hopefully fledged
New pair nested in bridgework 2009, and was seen today doing aerial displays near the bridge!
Nestbox may be installed this year or next

North Grand Island Bridge
2009 - 3 counted as fledged

Niagara Gorge
2009 - I think 3 fledged

Friday, March 19, 2010

~Great news! BB & Smoky have cam!!!

The University of Buffalo has taken over providing a webcam for the nestbox of BB and Smoky! The cam installed today delivers excellent high-def views, which we were able to see from inside the tower. The website will be provided by UB. Connection to the internet should be complete early next and I'll post the url as soon as it is available. Stay tuned!

According to Ken Neusstein, BB was calm but interested and stayed on the perch for the whole process, except for a brief time when she flew off, but quickly returned. Smoky was also nearby.

Around noon today, BB and Smoky were engaging in aerial displays, flying in cirles and ee-chupping to each other, so I'd say the cam got installed just in time!

BB admiring herself in her new cam today!  She couldn't stop looking at it!
Beautiful BB

This is the fantastic, high-def monitor view from the inside of MacKay Tower

Smoky, or a reasonable facsimile thereof?

Looking up from the ground towards the nestbox

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