Monday, July 27, 2009

~Who is at the MacKay nestbox?

Who is this unbanded Peregrine at the MacKay nestbox? Where is BB?

Prey leg banded?

Checking out the new home for curtains?


Things are getting a bit confusing in Buffalo. Yesterday we saw two unbanded Pefas on MacKay Tower! One was acting as sentry from the Winspear side of the tower, a station Smoky didn't ordinarily use. The other was feasting on a large bird which appeared to have a white band. After eating, this bird entered the nestbox, looked, up, down, all around as if it had never seen the box before and was thinking, "Wow! What a find! Air-conditioned, heated, decorated nicely, gravel, flight deck and perches!"
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  1. Looks like it might have been a banded pigeon, based on the red legs and feet. I do hope BB is okay. Let us know what develops.

  2. Yes, I think you're right. Those same two birds were still on MacKay yesterday too, and the guys at MacKay told us there was a big fight between 3 pefas at the tower the later the same day we took these pix.


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