Saturday, July 4, 2009

~UB kids still here~

It's a week and a half since the MacKay Peregrines graduated to fledglings and they are still on campus!

I spotted Tory and Anthos on a utility pole on Bailey between the VA and UB. Two others were seen flying high over the VA at the same time. Great news! Four confirmed successful fledges! A bit later three were seen on a Clark roof getting fed by BB.

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  1. This morning on the way into the BRB an adult was carrying a bird in it's talons and the fledglings were following it. The adult drops the prey outside of Farber Hall while a woman is walking down the sidewalk on her way to Michael Lot. The adult must have perceived her as a threat and swooped down on her in the parking lot forcing her to duck down and scream. All the while the birds are screaming. It was pretty crazy to watch (and cool at the same time) but I felt really bad for the poor woman.


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