Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~Tory, UB first fledge~

Early UB workers found two of the kids had fledged. Athos was on the ground and walked across the torn up driveway toward a construction site. He flew over a low fence and walked up a rock pile where he perched for a couple hours.

Connie Adams was in communication while on assignment elsewhere. She asked Ken Nusstein, MacKay Power Plant Sprvsr, to retrieve the bird and put him in a box til Joel Thomas, SPCA arrived. Joel examined the bird and found him to be in excellent condition and decided to have the bird returned to one of the roofs below the nestbox and Mom's lookout perch.

The female, Tory, was found to be pacing around the top of the old nuclear tower nearby. Crows harassed the bird who were harassed in return by Tory's mom.

This week will be a very active time around MacKay Tower but the staff of the complex is very watchful protective of these first UB Peregrines.

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