Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~Mom "BB" demonstrates flying~

We arrived at UB late morning, to see mom, BB, a/k/a Misty, feeding the chicks. BB soon left the box and flew around in front of the tower, calling out loudly to the kids.

She left the area and one chick nestled into the corner of the ledge while the rest stayed in the box. One chick did hop out and over the perch to go visit the ledgling sib, but went right back to the box.

Peregrine mom, known locally as Misty, has been identified as "BB", from Detroit. She was named BB for Barbara Baldinger who rescued her and returned her to the nest. Thank you so very much Barb for rescuing this beautiful mom! (See below) DEC is awaiting confirmation on the band number from Albany.

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Post by Barbara Baldinger on Buffalo Audubon Forum

Mom BB's History

Great photos Sage! I've been following this nest site at UB with particular interest ever since I read that the female may be BB. Thank you for posting the DEC photos of the banding day. I'm glad the official DEC photos show BB's black over green color band of N/58. For five years I have been a Peregrine Falcon volunteer for the Michigan DNR and watched BB throughout her hatching season in Detroit at the Whittier Apartments. The section of the apartments with the nest has been unoccupied since 2001. My monitoring of the Whittier includes going up 13 flights of stairs several times a season without the benefit of an elevator or electric lighting. I was honored to have the MDNR name BB after me on her banding day at the Whittier Apartments in Detroit, MI on May 29, 2007. Her mother Miriam was hacked out of Richmond Hill, Ontario in 2003 and her father is Allegro from Cleveland, Ohio, hatched in 1999. On June 20, 2007, I rescued BB from an abandoned building down the street and returned her to her nest balcony on the Whittier Apartments. I'm sure you can see why I am so thrilled to know that not only has BB showed up in Buffalo, but that she had four healthy chicks on her first try. Fantastic news!

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