Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~Athos Fledged and Rescued~

UB male Peregrine fledgling, Athos, was found by employees early Tuesday morning on the MacKay complex grounds. They watched as Athos walked across the closed road to a UB construction site. He was reported to have glided over the fence to a rock pile, and then walk up the pile of debris to the top.

Athos continued to enjoy his new view of the world, unaware of the gathering crowd. We spoke with Connie Adams, on another DEC assignment, who then asked Ken Nusstein of MacKay to get Athos and put him in a box and keep him inside til help arrived.

Joel Thomas, SPCA, arrived quickly, examined Athos, and found the young male fledgling to be in excellent condition and able to be released to one of the roofs on the complex below the nesting tower.

Ken Nusstein on left; Kevin Hicks on right;
Athos in box
Ken delivering Athos to roof
BB keeping watch

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