Thursday, May 14, 2009

~Good News about Statler and UB nests~

Above pic taken by DEC tech Mike Koch at the McKay Tower, UB, showing Misty on her eggs.

A note from Connie Adams, DEC, to Paul Fehringer, BAS, posted with permission

Good news! We climbed the tower today to check the eggs and nest, and for the first time, were able to see at least 3 eggs under the female who was in the box. That is such great news! So, there are at least 3 eggs. Maybe 4, but Mike Koch, who did the climb, was only able to see 3 eggs through the little peep hole that looks into the nest. The birds there seem impervious, and he said the bird didn't even know he was there, didn't look up or around, didn't move. I have yet to contact UB to see about getting their computer dept's assistance with the webcam.

Of course, you are welcome to post this information. Also, we confirmed 4 chicks at the Statler today. We got a photo of the banded male...but it is not good enough to read his band, though it looks like it is one of the anodized purple bands from the midwest on his right leg, with a green or green/black band on the left.

Exciting having confirmation of the Statler hatches and getting closer to ID-ing the male who took over during last year's nesting season! Plus, seeing Misty on at least three eggs, which should be hatching soon.

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