Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~UB Peregrines are Nesting~

On April 2 a Peregrine watcher, Joyce, got excellent shots of our Pefas mating! UB McKay personnel report sightings on other mating activity on the tower too, in different places.

On April 7, Kevin Hicks, UB/McKay, reported a fight outside the nestbox between three Pefas, with the fourth, presumably the female, Misty, screeching in the box.

Today, April 22, NYSDEC tech Mike climbed the tower and checked the nestbox and found a Pefa low, in the back corner of the box, apparently incubating! This is wonderful news! Also this morning, we took these shots of the tower.

Male, Smoky, sitting and preening on a ledge above the nestbox

Smoky, keeping a lookout

Shot of the tower
Mom Misty inside box and out of sight
Can you spot Smoky?
He's there...
Look on the ledge above the column to the right of the window
The Pefas blend in so well with this building they are practically invisible.
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