Monday, March 9, 2009

~Peregrine Falcons in Buffalo~

Buffalo NY has a new Peregine Falcon nestbox located on McKay Tower at the SUNY@B campus!

A banded male and a juvenile female were spotted on their favorite ledges daily from June to October 2008. Photographs caught the attention of the DEC which vigorously pursued the idea of a nestbox with the university. February 26, 2009 after an incredible amount of planning and work, the new box was installed.

That very day, the Peregrine falcon, back from her winter vacation, was spotted perched on the VA Hospital very near the tower. Astonishingly, after two hours she left that perch and flew to her tower, circled around as if to observe her new home being built! I guess that was her “Thank you” to all who made it happen!

This is the female we called Misty until later when she was ID'd as BB from Detroit.

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